Our loose dates come in standard 500g or 1kg foam trays with a cling film covering on the outside to maintain the freshness and quality of our products. However, we also provide the following varieties of packaging in order to cater for each individual customer's needs and requirements. (All dates we supply have the option of being filled with crunchy almonds).

1) The Barakat Al Madinah Triangle: Contains 500g of dates, each date is placed in a paper cup and perfectly positioned to form a triangular shape. (Excellent for gifts)

2) The Barakat Al Madinah Mini Bag: Contains 500g of dates, each date is individually wrapped in a conventional style sweet wrapper and placed inside our attractive mini bag. (Excellent for parties)

3) The Barakat Al Madinah Big Box: Contains a healthy 1kg of dates neatly laid out in rows and layers. The box has a window type lid that displays all the dates and is sealed with our very own Madinah Dates Company band. (Excellent for gifts and parties)

4) The Vacuum pack: Contains 500g or 1kg of our Madinah Burni dates.

5) Burni Pressed Dates: (Filled with almonds) - cardboard style bag that contains 10 x 100g separate cartons inside.

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