Date Paste

Date Paste is increasingly becoming a popular sweetener and healthier alternative to everyday processed sugar due to its fibre content and other nutritional values. Date paste is commonly used in a variety of foods to enhance taste and carries all the exceptional qualities of its original source, date. Its well known that date paste sweetens with all the qualities of sugar without any loss of flavour and other sensory characteristics.

Date Paste is a very important food item all over the world. Chefs use Date Paste to complement a variety of menus and here in the Middles East it's widely used for traditional biscuits called "Ma'mool" as well as cakes, cookies, muffins, pasties and breads.

Our date paste is a 100% natural and made purely with the selection of premium dates without any additives, preservatives or genetically modified materials. We use a highly regulated and specific process with state-of-the art machinery under the strictest levels of hygiene to produce date paste to a standard wherein you find a smooth, rich and creamy texture free from grit, gravel or any type of grain.

Our date paste is available in a variety of different packaging; from 1kg consumer packs to 25kg industrial packs; however, we have the facilities to cater for specific customer requirements and for large orders we offer clients the opportunity to add their own label to our packaging.

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